Maquette for Reclining Figure: Umbilicus


Henry Moore ( British, 1898 - 1986 )

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General Description

"Most everything I do, I intend to make on a large scale. . . . Size itself has its own impact and physically we can relate ourselves more strongly to a big sculpture. At least I do." —Henry Moore Henry Moore's wish was granted, as most important metropolises, including Dallas, proudly display his sculptures in their parks and public spaces. In fact his sculptures meld in their environments so seamlessly that they have become a familiar aspect of the visual landscape. Viewing Moore's worik on a smaller scale thus provides an opportunity to see his sculptures in a new light. Although Moore was sometimes referred to as an abstract artist, these sculptures show that he was a devoted sculptor of organic forms. Drawing inspiration from Oceanic and ancient American sculptures, or the shape of animal bones, Moore wanted his sculptures to address the subconscious of the viewer. They appear as living remains of a pre-human era to which any viewer can relate.