The Promenade


Gonzalez Coques ( Flemish, 1614 - 1684 )

mid-17th century
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General Description

On the edge of a grand formal garden, a man presents an elegant woman with the rose he has just gathered from a bush. They are dressed in expensive black fabrics, the woman pulling up her overgown to reveal her precious crimson skirt underneath. While this could be a scene of courtship, it is more probably a portrait of a married couple enjoying a moment of romantic respite as a maid walks towards them on the long alley, about to reunite them with their two children. This minutely painted picture on copper is characteristic of Coques’s elegant style, which was to the taste of Antwerp’s sophisticated merchant class. A native of the Flemish city, he may have spent time in England, where he received the nickname “the Little Van Dyck”, due to the perceived influence of Anthony van Dyck on his work.

Excerpt from

Julien Domercq, Label text (1963.153), 2020