Soup tureen


Paul Storr ( British, 1771 - 1844 )

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General Description

Paul Storr had one of the most fashionable and productive workshops in London. Aided by numerous craftsmen who specialized in different parts of silversmithing, Storr produced a wide range of articles. At the lowest level the workshop turned out relatuvrly plain, undecorated, pieces for its less well-to-do clients. At the highest level, Storr's shop made elaborate custom-ordered objects. Such pieces were exeptionally expensive because they required a large outlay of capital for molds and dies which may never have been used again. This tureen falls between these two extremes. Although this tureen and stand was by no means inexpensive when the Grey family ordered it in 1806, it was also not custom-designed. In fact, this particular stand must have been a popular model since numerous examples are also known. To personalize this model, Storr offered a variety of finials for the top. This tureen has an earl's coronet. Others are known with a standing lion and a shield.