Neck amphora with ibexes and snake

Etruscan; Corinthian
6th century BCE
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General Description

Unlike the hard, intellectual clarity of form seen in Greek pottery, Etruscan ceramics have a soft and romantic quality. The earth colors and matte textures of this amphora give the vase a sensuous, coloristic effect, although the motif of the animals grazing is derived from Greek prototypes. The crisp outline of the and strong light/dark contrasts of Greek vase paintings have been abandoned in favor of matte earth tones, textural hatching, and elongated line. The hard intellectual clarity of Greek design is replaced by a sensuous romanticism.

Excerpt from

  • Anne Bromberg, DMA unpublished material, April 2001.

  • Anne Bromberg, Dallas Museum of Art: Selected Works, (Dallas, Texas: Dallas Museum of Art, 1983), 103.