Harvest Line


Linda Ridgway ( American, 1947 )

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General Description

In her cast bronze sculpture of leaves, fruit, and other organic objects, Linda Ridgway exhibits both the pliancy of nature and the hardness of industrial processes. "Harvest Line" represents a double line of green grapes cascading down the gallery wall, creating a free and sinuous rhythm that is nonetheless beholden to the strict properties of geometry and gravity. Ridgway’s art has been characterized as akin to minimalist art for her frequent use of repeating, small-scale elements that comprise many of her individual works and for the basic geometry of the leaves, fruit, and stems she chooses to cast. Yet her approach is more poetic than reductive. Ridgway carefully exploits the irregularity of natural forms to invoke an ephemeral human presence, seamlessly combining opposing impulses in nearly all her sculpture.