Prestige tumbler


Eva Zeisel ( American, 1906 - 2011 )


Federal Glass Company ( American, 1901 - 1980 )

designed c. 1954
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General Description

Prestige was introduced to the market in 1954 and came in four glass shapes--cocktail, juice, old fashioned, and highball. Each type of glass was sold by the dozen in prepackaged sets or in a sixteen-piece "tumbler set" that contained four of each variety. In addition to lending stability to the vessels, according to Eva Zeisel, the solid, bulbous bottoms provided the glasses "with extra-ordinary reflections."

Excerpt from

Charles L. Venable, China and Glass in America 1880-1980 (Dallas, TX: Dallas Museum of Art: New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2000), 461.