On the Lot


Otis Dozier ( American, 1904 - 1987 )

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Otis Dozier attended the first art school in Dallas during the 1920s. On the Lot brought Dozier to the attention of the energetic and progressive artists of Dallas, winning him the first of many awards during the 1930s. As his reputation grew, Dozier taught at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Southern Methodist University, and the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts School, where he remained on the faculty from 1945 until 1970. On the Lot depicts the huge draft horses that were employed to raise the great tents and grade the dirt lot before opening day of the circus. Dozier's upbringing on a cotton farm, where the hard labor of men and animals was a fact of life, is reflected in the scale and forthright modeling of the draft horses and the posture of the teamster, who bends to the task with his animals.

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