Carsten Lauridsen

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General Description

This tankard is of a form that was made in Denmark for at least a century beginning in the 1660s. The conical body, low domed cover, and scrolled handle seen here are all characteristic of this type. The use of lions holding balls for the feet and thumb piece was one of several options available. Other Danish examples are known that use pomegranates for these elements. The Reves tankard is especially noteworthy for its incorporation of coins. The practice of embedding coins and medals in silverwork was most popular in Baltic countries. Here, the sides are inset with three horizontal rows of kroner, minted between 1693 and 1696, that carry the profile of King Christian V wearing the Order of the Elephant. The lid encases a large medal of the king facing Queen Charlotte Amalie. The reverse of the medal appears on the underside of the lid and depicts the heads of five royal children. The medal was designed by Anton Meybusch and cast in 1695 to celebrate the King's birthday on 15 April. "Decorative Arts Highlights from the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection," page 17