Heide Fasnacht ( American, 1951 )

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General Description

Two decades after Eva Hesse created Model for Augment and Aught (1968), Heide Fasnacht spoke of her admiration for Hesse's use of materials and their ability to bypass thought, triggering instead a visceral, physical response. In her own work, Fasnacht uses tension and scale to evoke bodily awareness, triggering instinctual sensations of danger, risk, and control. Interested in unstable situations and the duration of time, Fasnacht subverts the notion of sculpture as concrete and fixed, creating works that depict the moment just preceding or following their collapse. In Witness, Fasnacht combines rubber and steel with space and gravity to create a sense of potentiality and tension, leaving the work permanently on the verge of release.

Excerpt from

Elise Armani, DMA Label text, Body Ego, 2018.