Nude in Gray


Rufino Tamayo ( Mexican, 1899 - 1991 )

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General Description

Printed during a stint in Paris, this chromolithograph reflects Rufino Tamayo’s commitment to abstraction and effort to distance himself—both physically and ideologically—from his Mexican contemporaries. Tamayo’s steely nude stands erect and squarely in the center of a nondescript yet colorful domestic interior. Arms dangling from a perfectly symmetrical body, the woman depicted in this lithograph is only slightly feminine in her stance, aimed at modesty. The artist provides hints to his subject’s sex, including a pair of breasts; however, he complicates his construction by depicting her hairless. Her abstracted features float on a geometric plane, unfixed to her face and body and further removing her from traditional figural depiction.

Excerpt from

Erin Piñon, Tower Gallery: Latin American Art, Label text, 2017.