Untitled (West Texas Scene)


Frank Reaugh ( American, 1860 - 1945 )

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General Description

Small but exquisite in its handling, this sketchy scene of cattle in a river is typical of the work of Frank Reaugh, often called "The Rembrandt of the Longhorns." A beloved teacher in Dallas and a highly successful artist who exhibited nationwide, Reaugh conducted regular sketching trips to West Texas. The work's small size and choice of medium indicate it was likely done quickly outside during one of those journeys.

Excerpt from

William Keyse Rudolph, DMA label copy, 2007.

Fun Facts

  • Frank Reaugh was also known as the “Dean of Texas Artists,” because he taught art throughout his life, founded the Dallas School of Fine Arts, and brought many exhibitions to Dallas from around the country.

  • Reaugh founded the Dallas Arts Association by donating the first painting to it. The DAA would go on to become the Dallas Museum of Art.

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