That Gentleman Study


Andrew Wyeth ( American, 1917 - 2009 )

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General Description

Before he started to work on a large painting, Andrew Wyeth usually produced pencil sketches and watercolor studies of his subject. This study preceded That Gentleman (1962.27), a portrait of Wyeth's neighbor in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The preparatory work shows Wyeth's focus on capturing the angles of Clark's face. The artist's economic line is balanced by more fluid brushwork, imparting a sense of contemplation to both the sitter and the scene.

Excerpt from

Eleanor Jones Harvey, TMS text entry, DMA electronic record (1962.27), n.d.

Fun Facts

  • After reading about the local fundraising that contributed to the Museum's purchase of That Gentleman (1962.27), Andrew Wyeth made the rare decision to donate this study as a gesture of gratitude to Dallas residents. He primarily chose to keep his preparatory works in his private collection.
  • Beckie King (1949.7) is another example of Andrew Wyeth's preperatory studies for a larger portrait.
  • To see the evolution of Andrew Wyeth's watercolor techniques, compare one of his earliest works, Jim Smalley, Fisherman (1938.22), with this one, complete over twenty years later.