The Garden of La Muette à Passy, Paris (La Muette)


Edouard Vuillard ( French, 1868 - 1940 )

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General Description

This view of the Parisian suburb of Passy was one of seven vertically oriented cityscapes made by Edouard Vuillard in the early 1900s. A daringly pared-down composition, the shadowy, urban scene reprises Vuillard's earlier decorative project and first public success, Jardins publics (1894). Four of the Parisian street panels were exhibited in 1908 and purchased by French playwright Henri Bernstein. His appreciation for Vuillard's style is evidenced by Bernstein's 1909 commission for additional Parisian scenes to decorate his sumptuous apartment on the Boulevard Haussmann.

Drawn from

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  • Translation of Antoine Salomon's letter dated November 10, 1982, in the documentation from Thomas Gibson Fine Art Ltd., copy in the Collections Records Object File.

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