As You Like It, No. 59: This Woman has Something I Like . . . In Her General Appearance!


Honoré Daumier ( French, 1808 - 1879 )

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This lithograph was part of the series As You Like It, which contained ninety-four works published in Le Charivari between March 28, 1847, and November 30, 1852. It was similar to the popular series The Good Bourgeois in that they both dealt with the numerous misfortunes that Parisian men and women encountered in daily life. This series focused particularly on the loneliness of bachelorhood, a lifestyle with which Daumier was perhaps quite familiar as he did not marry until age thirty-eight. The series was never politically charged but rather sentimental and humorous, featuring as its main character the fictitious and stingy Monsieur Coquelet, whose greed Daumier often emphasized to make him appear ridiculous.

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Martha MacLeod, DMA label copy, 2016.

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