"Shelledge" shape cup and saucer with "Flamingo Reeds" pattern decoration


R. Guy Cowan


Onondaga Pottery Company ( American, 1871 - 1966 )

c. 1951
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General Description

A catalogue from 1951 indicates that a 5-piece place setting was priced at $9.00. The "shelledge" shape obviously is a reference to a type of plate border, usually stained under the glaze with cobalt blue or copper green, that became popular in the 1770s in England and continued to be a standard plate border into the the 1860s. Syracuse's plate is different but retains the scalloped border. The style was considered upbeat and modern in the 1950s. The sales catalogue states: "Dancing flamingo pink reeds against a background of gray leaves bent by gentle winds create an unusual modern and graceful pattern under glaze. Fresh and appealing, its contemporary spirit adds zest to one's dining table..."