Double-spout container

Sicán (Lambayeque)
900–1100 CE
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General Description

The goblet-style cup, which was used by the Huari and Tiahuanaco for maize beer feasting, developed along the coast following the expansion of these highland societies to the north and south. Extending from the rich metallurgy tradition of the preceding Moche, the north coast Sicán (Lambayeque) culture produced high-status objects and adornments in precious metals. This vessel makes evident the importance of feasting in coastal Andean societies.

Fun Facts

  • In his 1976 report, Junius B. Bird, curator emeritus of South American archaeology at the American Museum of Natural History, notes: "Miscellaneous gold, all probably Late Intermediate Period. HT1 Northern Chimu bimetallic, double spouted water container, elaborate spout bridge with deity head in center and prostrate figures on each side. This is a rendition in gold and silver of a popular ceramic container. H. 9 3/4"; span of spout 11"."