Miniature spoon: bird over human finial

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General Description

These spoons are claimed to derive from a cache of offerings found on the southern coast of Peru. The objects, however, reflect principally north coast Chimú designs. This pair of small spoons, possibly used for lime or snuff, bear finials that represent a bird overtaking a human figure. If the provenience is accurate, then this group demonstrates the movement of peoples during the Late Horizon (1400-1532 CE), perhaps under Inca imperial rule.

Adapted from

Kimberly L. Jones, PhD, Inca: Conquests of the Andes / Los Incas y las conquistas de los Andes, Label text [1972.23.2.McD; 1972.23.1.McD; 1972.23.4.1.McD; 1972.23.4.2.McD; 1972.23.5.1.McD; 1972.23.5.2.McD], 2015.

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