Arthur J. Stone ( American, 1847 - 1938 )

designed 1914
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General Description

Arthur Stone was one of America's foremost silversmiths working in the early 20th century. Although trained in England to make elaborate 19th-century style objects, Stone sympathized with John Ruskin and William Morris who called for a return to simple forms and small-scale hand production. He worked in several manufactories following his immigration to the United States, established his own shop in Gardner, Massachusetts, around 1900, and became a leader in the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts.

This simple coffeepot was designed in 1914 and was illustrated in one of the first major articles on Stone in 1915 which appeared in "House Beautiful." Its clean lines and use of 18th-century shapes are typical of most of Stone's work and reflect his interest in America's colonial past.

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