"Prunus" design teapot with lid


Josiah Wedgwood Factory ( British, 1759 )

c. 1810–1815
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General Description

Molded in relief, white prunus blossoms adorn red bodied vessels Wedgwood named "rosso antico," which translates to "antique red." Created from clay colored with iron oxide, this rare tea service imitates red Chines Yi-Xing (Hsing) ceramic vessels that were a popular import in England beginning in the 1660s. Distinguishing features such as the branch-like handles and spout and flower design also were inspired by objects from Asia. Despite the red ware's tremendous popularity, Wedgwood remained unenthusiastic about the aesthetics of red teapots and his "rosso antico," citing the "extreme vulgarity of red wares."

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DMA unpublished material.