Ex-voto Dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours



October 7, 1886
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General Description

Ex-votos are a type of votive art – objects that are offered in fulfillment of a vow or to express gratitude to a higher power. When a person is sick or in danger, they might pray to a particular saint, or to the Virgin Mary or Christ, to heal and safeguard them from danger. If those prayers are answered, they commission small commemorative paintings like these, which pair a visual illustration of the event with a written account. Ex-votos were often hung in churches near altars dedicated to the holy figure featured in their creation, offering a visual testament to the figure’s power.

Transcription: El día 7 d. Octubre d. 1886 le sucedió la desgracia en el pueblo de Filapa, á las 2 de la tarde, al C. Nicolaz Morales, de haberse caído de un árbol de zapote, cabeza avajo a la altura de 12 varas; y como nativo de Huaquechula invocó a su Sto. patrón S. S. Martin y su cuñado y otra señora lo envolvieron y lo metieron en la casa mientras lo transportaban a su pueblo donde lo curaron, y al cabo de un mes quedó bueno y para darle gracias le ofrece su retablo.

Translation: On October 7, 1886, a great misfortune happened in the town of Filapa, at 2:00 in the afternoon, to C. Nicolaz Morales, who fell from a zapote tree headfirst from the height of 12 rods; and being from Huaquechula, he invoked his holy patron saint S. S. Martin and his brother-in-law and another woman wrapped him up and put him in the house while they transported him to his town where they cured him, and after a month he was okay and in order to give thanks he offers this retablo.