Hercules Restores Gallia


Pieter Nolpe ( Dutch, 1613 - 1653 )

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General Description

As the daughter of Grand Duke of Florence Francesco I de Medici, widow of King Henri IV of France, and mother of King Louis XIII of France, Queen Elizabeth of Spain, and Queen Henrietta Maria of England, Maria de' Medici was the object of much political machination. In this series of prints, she personifies France and the hope for peace among the Dutch and Spanish. This etching depicts Henri IV in the guise of Hercules bringing peace and stability to Gallia (France), after his predecessors allowed its disintegration during the religious wars. Nolpe's prints involve gods and monarchs alike in an extravagant allegorical effort to restore peace among the warring nations.

Excerpt from

Dorothy Kosinski, DMA label copy, 1997.

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