The Towpath (Le chemin de halage)


Johan Barthold Jongkind ( Dutch, 1819 - 1891 )


Auguste Delâtre ( French, 1822 - 1906 )

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General Description

The gestural lines and confident handling in this etching reflect Johan Barthold Jongkind’s interest in both contemporary French painting and the etchings of 17th-century Dutch artists such as Rembrandt and Jacob Ruysdael. The print belongs to a series of six small etchings of Dutch scenes that Jongkind published in 1862. Born in Lattrop, Holland, Jongkind first went to Paris in 1846 and spent his life alternating between Holland and France. Though he strongly identified with his French surroundings and companions, he often chose Dutch settings for his subject matter. He would not achieve widespread recognition until after his death in 1891, but during his own lifetime he was admired by several notable artists, including Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet.