Ford & Tupper ( American )

Attributed to

William Gale & Son ( American, 1853 - 1867 )

c. 1869
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General Description

In the mid-19th century, the rediscovery of the United States' colonial past led to a vogue for replicas and adaptations of of 18th-century prototypes. This coffeepot, attributed to William Gale and Son, is part of a nine piece tea and coffee service based on Neoclassical wares produced by Paul Revere, Jr. and his contemporaries a century earlier. The firm reinterpreted rather than imitated Revere's designs, maintaining yet elongating the basic fluted shapes and applying bright-cut engraved decoration more liberally.

Drawn from

  • DMA unpublished material.

  • Barbara McLean Ward & Gerald W. R. Ward. S_ilver in American Life: Selections from the Mabel Brasy Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University_ (Boston: D.R. Godine, 1979), 173.

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