Willows at Ledoux


Doel Reed ( American, 1894 - 1985 )

c. 1970
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General Description

This landscape of Ledoux, one of the roads running through Taos, New Mexico, is an aquatint, a variant of etching that produces watercolor-like effects. Doel Reed takes advantage of the medium’s painterly character to produce a variety of lines and textures, particularly in his rendering of the foliage on the trees. Originally from Indiana, Doel Reed first went to Europe while serving in World War I, and returned several times throughout his life. He is considered a master of aquatint and is best known for his landscapes of Taos, New Mexico, where he had retired after teaching art at Oklahoma State University. Though essentially self-taught as a printmaker, Reed’s understanding of aquatint was profoundly influenced by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya, considered one of the great masters of the medium.