The Wake


Jorge Damiani ( Uruguayan, 1931 - 2017 )

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General Description

The Wake is an early painting by the Italian-Uruguayan Jorge Damiani, whose inclusion in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art’s South American Art Today in 1959 launched his career in the United States. Soon after, he won a series of grants to train and paint in New York, where his works entered major American collections. This painting is an example of Damiani’s figural subjects, completed before he shifted his focus entirely to depictions of abstract geometric landscapes. Wrapped in a crisply highlighted sheet and laid atop a black marble slab, the lifeless subject appears with a single forget-me-not laid by its head. An unlit candle stands erect in the foreground, bisecting the composition at the knees of the prostrate figure.

Excerpt from

Erin Piñon, Tower Gallery: Latin American Art, Label text, 2017.