Rectangular gold plaque with female bust

2nd–1st century BCE
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General Description

Miniature sculptures, often of outstanding quality, played an important role in Hellenistic jewelry. This plaque features a high-relief female bust, possibly that of the goddess Aphrodite, set against a steepled background. The relief plaque is bordered by a row of beaded wire and is affixed to a rectangular gold sheet with wire loops attached to each corner and the sides. The head of the goddess is turned slightly to the left. She wears a diadem, veil, and chiton; a cloak is draped over the left upper arm. This plaque was allegedly found with a pair of ear pendants featuring Nike figures (1991.75.74.1.a-b) and a pair of small masks (1991.75.74.3, 1991.75.74.4), all in the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art.

Adapted from

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