Flowers and Grapes


Henri Fantin-Latour ( French, 1836 - 1904 )

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Although a prolific artist in a variety of genres, Henri Fantin-Latour is best known for his still-life paintings. A contemporary of the Impressionists, he disapproved of the increasingly popular plein-air (outdoor) painting they championed, favoring instead the controlled, predictable environment of his studio. Most of his floral still lifes from the late 1870s onward are based on studies made in Buré, in northern France, where he and his wife spent their summers. Here, the delicate clarity of the carnation blossoms and jewel-like grapes is juxtaposed with the prismatic reflections of the glass vase. Rather than providing a clear view of the flower stems within, the glass vase and fresh water transform everyday objects into a kaleidoscopic vision.

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