Little Egypt Condo. . .New York City


Jean Lacy ( American, 1932 )

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General Description

Little Egypt Condo/New York City attests to Jean Lacy's serious interest in Egyptian culture. She developed her own system of African iconography based upon her studies of Egyptian hieroglyphs and West African architectural symbols. Collage, xerography, and gold leaf application are techniques which Lacy deftly combines to create this richly visual urban scene. In this collage, the migration reference suggests not only the movement by blacks from the rural South to the urban North, but also the more ancient passage from east to west Africa and across the Atlantic to a younger western culture.

Born in Washington, D.C., Jean Lacy was educated at Southern University in Baton Rouge, the Art Students League in New York, and the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. A longtime resident of Dallas, her works decorate many area collections. She has also served as the director of the African American Cultural Heritage Center for the Dallas Independent School District.

Adapted from

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