Little Egypt Condo. . .New York City


Jean Lacy ( American, 1932 )

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General Description

The elaborate combination of different materials and art-making processes in this work overlays contemporary late 20th-century life with ancient Egyptian motifs. Figures suggestive of ancient Egyptian profile figures, accompanied by hieroglyphic writing, decorate and transform a New York City apartment building, reminding the viewer of the deep links between the art, culture, and philosophy of ancient Egypt and its diffusion through the African diaspora. As the artist wrote, "I am claiming this building in the name of my history, in the name of my people and their culture." Born in Washington, D.C., Jean Lacy was educated at Southern University in Baton Rouge, the Art Students League in New York, and the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. A longtime resident of Dallas, her works decorate many area collections. She has also served as the director of the African American Cultural Heritage Center for the Dallas Independent School District.