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Johan Barthold Jongkind ( Dutch, 1819 - 1891 )

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General Description

Famous as both etcher and painter, Jongkind contributed importantly to the birth and development of impressionism and in many ways is considered a forerunner of the impressionist movement. His paintings of the Dutch and French landscape, marked by freshness of color and dashing, divisionist brushwork, were greatly admired in France and found reinterpretation in his etchings, with their sparse, sketchy linear patterns and strong effects of light. Probably better than any other artist of his generation, Jongkind was able to transfer the principles of impressionism into printmaking.

Excerpt from

Steven Nash, DMA unpublished material, 1982.

Fun Facts

  • This print was made the same year Johan Barthold Jongkind met Eugène Boudin, who is also credited with influencing the group of artists later known as impressionists. The DMA collection includes Boudin's The Quay at Antwerp (1981.102).

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