Hildegarde Haas ( American, 1926 - 2002 )

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General Description

Like much of Hildegarde Haas’s work, Fog is a landscape that has been abstracted into its basic formal elements. Vegetation is represented through fields of textured color, and trees have been reduced to black lines. Incidentally, the trees also resemble musical notes on a staff, reflecting Haas’s interest in music. She considered her work to be synesthetic in nature, equating sounds with color and forms.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Haas studied art at the Art Students League in New York, where she encountered the abstract compositions of German and Russian modernism. Initially a painter, Haas taught herself to make woodblock prints. She exhibited her work with other New York printmakers before relocating to California.

Excerpt from

Sara Woodbury, DMA label text, 2011.

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