A Dallas Night


George Grosz ( American, born Germany, 1893 - 1959 )

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General Description

In George Grosz's street scenes of downtown Dallas, particularly his group of nocturnal scenes, Grosz taps into his long-standing interest in not only urban typology but also the shaping of the urban landscape by commercial signage. Just as he had in Berlin and New York, Grosz tried to assimilate the specific details of Dallas's commercial landscape into his paintings. This view of Dallas's neon-lit theater district is crowded with the logos and names of Dallas businesses, from Zale's Jewelers and Dr. Pepper to the soaring neon Pegasus of Magnolia Petroleum Company (now Mobil Oil) flying high above. In his night scene of Dallas's Theater Row, the sidewalks of Elm Street teem with a vaporous crowd of theater-goers, their social diversity wittily signaled by an assortment of disembodied hats.

Adapted from

Heather MacDonald, Flower of the Prairie: George Grosz in Dallas (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2012), 63-65.