The Arch of Titus with the Casino Farnese on the Left


Giovanni Battista Piranesi ( Italian, 1720 - 1778 )

Paris, 1835–1839
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General Description

Prolific 18th-century printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi was trained in structural and hydraulic engineering, stage design, and intricate systems of perspective. Piranesi’s prints, highly influenced by the work of Giovanni Battista Falda (on view nearby), reveal his talent for combining dramatic perspective, close study of ruins, and imaginary details. Between 1747 and 1778, the year of his death, Piranesi produced 135 large-scale plates for his Views of Rome series. The Arch of Titus is part of this series and depicts the honorific arch built by the Emperor Domitian in A.D. 82 to commemorate the victories of his brother Titus. The famous relief of Titus in a chariot pulled by four horses can be seen on the interior right side of the arch.