Jar and cover


Hayashi Kodenji ( Japanese, 1832 - 1911 )

c. 1905–1910
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General Description

This jar was exhibited in Glasgow in 1911. The catalogue from that exhibition states that Hayashi Kodenji used fifty-one different colors of enamel to create the design and took almost six months to complete the piece.

Kodenji was responsible for developing overseas markets for cloisonné. Aware that copper, the base metal of his objects, was restricted by law from export, he disguised himself as a silk merchant and hid his cloisonné wares in cocoon baskets. Carrying these baskets suspended from the ends of poles, he walked five hundred miles from his workshop to the port of Yokohama. There, he not only sold his wares to foreigners but also learned of their tastes.

Excerpt from

  • DMA Label text, John R. Young Collection, 2018.