Border: knife-bearing figures and stepped frets

Moche-Wari (Huari)
750–1000 CE
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General Description

This textile band reflects the interaction of highland Huari (Wari) and coastal Moche along the coast. Typical of coastal production, the band was woven in dyed camelid fiber over cotton warps with slit tapestry weave. This discontinuous weave is clearly visible through the shifting colors. The technique afforded reduced consumption of precious camelid fiber, and it permitted a lighter weight fabric in the temperate zones. The imagery reflects coastal motifs, such as the warrior with crescent-shaped knife, stylized wave motifs, catfish heads, and seabirds from the north coast.

Adapted from

Kimberly L. Jones, PhD, Inca: Conquests of the Andes / Los Incas y las conquistas de los Andes, Label text [1978.2.McD; 1991.377; 1991.378], 2015.