Cup: goblet form

Inca (Inka)
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General Description

By the Spanish conquest, the tall wooden cup was called a quero (qero, kero), meaning “wood,” in Quechua. The specialized wood carvers were known as querocamayoc. Similar beakers of lesser value were made in ceramic, while the most valuable goblets, called aquilla, were made in silver and gold. This silver aquilla exhibits profile felines similar to wooden quero and to examples recovered from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish cargo ship that sank off the coast of Florida in 1622.

Adapted from

Kimberly L. Jones, PhD, Inca: Conquests of the Andes / Los Incas y las conquistas de los Andes, Label text [1976.W.1846; 1983.637; 1983.638; 1976.W.1129; 1976.W.1850; 1976.W.1849], 2015.