Anthony: What Is the Point of All This? The Devil: There Is No Point!


Odilon Redon ( French, 1840 - 1916 )

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General Description

Odilon Redon's Temptation of St. Anthony (Tentation de Saint-Antoine) series takes its inspiration from the epic of the same title by author Gustave Flaubert. This plate illustrates one encounter between St. Anthony and the Devil. The book's popularity in the 1880s and 1890s made Redon's series a highly marketable product. More important however, its treatment of the theme of the solitary visionary made it an ideal subject for the symbolist painter. Redon first explored this theme in Homage to Goya of 1885 and would return to it throughout his career in works such as Apocalypse of St. John of 1899.

Excerpt from

Dorothy Kosinski, DMA label copy, 1997.

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