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Winston Churchill ( British, 1874 - 1965 )

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"I know of nothing," wrote Sir Winston Churchill in his essay Painting as a Pastime, "which more entirely absorbs the mind." Landscape was a particularly satisfying subject for him. "The whole world is open with all its treasures. The simplest objects have their beauty. Every garden presents innumerable fascinating problems. Every land, every parish, has its own tale to tell. And there are many lands differing from each other in countless ways and each presenting delicious variants of colour, light, form, and definition." This view of the coast at Menton, painted in subtle hues of green and blue, executed by Churchill from the window of the dining room of Wendy and Emery Reves's home, Villa La Pausa, depicts the beautiful Mediterranean shoreline that fronts onto the Reves's property.

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Fun Facts

  • Wendy and Emery Reves hung this painting in a prominent position in their dining room at Villa La Pausa.

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