"First" chair


Michele De Lucchi ( Italian, 1951 )


Memphis Milano ( Italian, 1981 )

designed 1983
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General Description

Architect and designer Michele de Lucchi is best known for his striking, architectural-like furniture and industrial designs, and specifically for his work done with the Memphis Group, founded in 1980 by his friend and mentor, Ettore Sottsass. "First" chair, one of the earliest and most successful designs, uses bright colors and bold forms in an attempt to foster different sensations and responses from the viewer, which often appear like child's toys (as in this example). The distinctive look he gives to objects ensures that they become fashionable and then fall from favor quickly. De Lucchi believes that products will soon be "in" for only one year or so, and therefore replacement will be at a faster pace. He is "a strong believer" in consumerism because it ensures the success of technology and industry, as well as the constant need for more product designs.

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