Wall Drawing #398


Sol LeWitt ( American, 1928 - 2007 )


Anthony Sansotta


Jo Watenabe


David Higginbotham


Mark Snedegar

1983, drawn April 1985
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General Description

Sol LeWitt, a seminal figure in the development of conceptualism in the 1960s, consistently created work that explores the very meaning and underlying structure of art. His work is based on elaborations of elementary geometric systems and mathematical calculations. In 1968 LeWitt began to conceive of direct wall drawings in a format combining the unique structural and architectural elements of a given space with his own precise geometric sensibility and, later, a romantic use of color.

Located above the ceremonial entrance end wall of the museum's 44-foot-high barrel vault, Wall Drawing #398 has subtle variations in surface texture and color that soften the strict symmetry of the composition, creating an atmospheric quality and hand-worked feel. Elegantly echoing the vault's arch, this wall drawing evokes the transcendent spirituality of early Italian fresco paintings. LeWitt conceived of and planned the wall drawing which was then realized and interpreted by draftsmen.

Adapted from

  • Suzanne Weaver, "Wall Drawing #398," in Dallas Museum of Art: A Guide to the Collection, ed. Suzanne Kotz (Dallas, TX: Dallas Museum of Art, 1997), 294.
  • DMA unpublished material, 1985.