17th century
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General Description

Fashion designer, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, originally installed this wooden table at Villa La Pausa, and it remained part of the villa's decor through the residency of Wendy and Emery Reves. Over the years, items of furniture moved from from one room to another before finishing their journey in very different rooms in the Reves' wing in the Dallas Museum of Art. This table, for example, was originally situated in Chanel's bedroom in the early years of La Pausa, but was eventually moved to the dining room where it remains today in the recreated dining room in Dallas. One of the hallmarks of La Pausa was simplicity, a characteristic that applied not only to decoration but also to etiquette. Lunches and dinners were not served at table but as a buffet.

Adapted from

  • DMA unpublished material

  • Olivier Meslay and Martha MacLeod, From Chanel to Reves (Dallas, Texas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2015), 16 and 20.