Blast Furnace No. 11


Edmund Lewandowski ( American, 1914 - 1998 )

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General Description

Born into the Polish community of Milwaukee, Edmund Lewandowski spent his career in the Midwest painting factories and ore boats of the Great Lakes region. He hoped to record the beauty of man-made objects and American industry on canvas. The tightly controlled design and smooth gouache finish of this industrial scene capture the sleek beauty and implied power of the Midwestern industrial landscape. Lewandowski notably removed any sign of human presence when idolizing the machine-based scenery and captured the stillness and detachment of these modern settings.

Excerpt from

Sue Canterbury, DMA label text, 2018.

Fun Facts

  • King Vidor, a previous owner of this painting, was a film director, producer, and screenwriter who was nominated for a Best Director Oscar five times. His film career spans most of the twentieth century, from 1913 to 1980.