Drouth Stricken Area


Alexandre Hogue ( American, 1898 - 1994 )

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General Description

In Drouth Stricken Area, one of Alexandre Hogue's Erosion series paintings, the formerly verdant landscape has been sculpted into sand dunes by the dry, hot wind. Under a searing hot sky, a starving cow waits numbly for water that will not come; perched on the rickety well, an equally patient buzzard awaits the cow’s inevitable death. The only movement in this arid landscape is the dust massing on the horizon, an ominous portent.

Drawings for the emaciated cow (1985.129) and windmill (1985.128) affirm the artist’s careful, deliberate abstraction of each component of the painting. In doing so, Hogue sacrificed naturalistic detail in order to achieve the emotional keynote of the landscape.

Adapted from

Sue Canterbury, Alexandre Hogue: The Erosion Series, Label text, 2014.

Fun Facts

  • The title of this work is spelled "drouth" instead of "drought" because until the mid-twentieth century both forms of the word were commonly used. The spelling "drouth" was pronounced "DROWTH," and according to Merriam-Webster this version is still used sometimes.