Portrait of the Honorable Mrs. Seymour Bathurst


Sir Thomas Lawrence ( British, 1769 - 1830 )

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General Description

Sir Thomas Lawrence began earning his reputation as a portraitist at the end of the 18th century, and in 1794 he was elected a Royal Academician. He became immensely famous after 1815, when he painted almost all the kings and rulers of Europe. Lawrence’s virtuoso brushstroke, his sensitive approach to painting women and children, and his decisive portrayals of men created a template for a generation of European portraitists to emulate. This painting exemplifies Lawrence’s fluency with the effects of light and color. The face is exceptionally animated, with insouciantly tilted head, parted lips, and lively eyes. This portrait of Julia Hankey was likely commissioned as a betrothal image, anticipating her marriage to Lt. Colonel the Honorable Thomas Seymour Bathurst. The painting later decorated the dining room at Hyams, their house in Surrey, and remained in the Bathurst family until 1986.

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