Ex-voto Dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help



June 20, 1911
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General Description

Ex-votos are a type of votive art – objects that are offered in fulfillment of a vow or to express gratitude to a higher power. When a person is sick or in danger, they might pray to a particular saint, or to the Virgin Mary or Christ, to heal and safeguard them from danger. If those prayers are answered, they commission small commemorative paintings like these, which pair a visual illustration of the event with a written account. Ex-votos were often hung in churches near altars dedicated to the holy figure featured in their creation, offering a visual testament to the figure’s power.

Transcription: En el año de 1901 se vió gravemente enferma la Señorita Maria Diaz de Leon de una afeccion cardiaca desahuciada de los médicos sin esperanza de salvarla invoqué a la santisima Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro que si le concedía alivio, publicaria el milagro lo que hoy hago en cumplimiento de lo agradecido. / Ignacia Diaz de Leon. / S.L. Potosí Junio 20 de 1911.

Translation: In the year 1901, Ms. Maria Diaz de Leon found herself gravely ill with a cardiac condition with no hope from the doctors and no hope of saving her. I promised the Holy Virgin of Perpetual Help that if she would give her relief, then I would publicize the miracle, which I do today in fulfillment of that vow. / Ignacia Diaz de Leon. / S.L. Potosí June 20, 1911.