Portrait of Manet


Henri Fantin-Latour ( French, 1836 - 1904 )

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General Description

This lush drawing by artist Henri-Fantin Latour was made after a painted portrait of Édouard Manet that he created in 1867. The painting, exhibited in the Paris Salon of 1867, shows Manet as a flâneur, or Parisian dandy. Fantin-Latour created both the drawing and the oil painting in response to the controversy surrounding Manet, whose own works had been refused from the Salon that year.

Fantin-Latour was well known for his portraiture, and much of his most significant work focuses on depictions of his contemporaries. While he struggled with portraiture of sitters who were not known to him intimately, his portraits of his friends ably capture both likenesses and the stylish, combative spirit of this revolutionary group of artists.

Excerpt from

Amy Wojciechowski, DMA label copy, 2017.

Fun Facts

  • The Dallas Museum of Art owns another portrait of Manet—a print by Felix Bacquemond, Portrait of Manet (2000.78.FA)

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