The Farmer


Eugene Speicher ( American, 1883 - 1962 )

Between 1933 and 1938
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General Description

Eugene Speicher first saw Vincent "Red" Moore, a farmer and tradesman, working in a blacksmith shop in southern New York State. For five years, Moore posed for Speicher in the autumn following the close of the farming and hunting seasons. In these portraits, Speicher emphasized his model's strength and ruggedness and presented him as the embodiment of American masculinity. Often these portraits placed Moore in an interior setting surrounded by the tools of his trade.

Excerpt from

Emily Schiller, DMA label text, 2017.

Fun Facts

  • Eugene Speicher studied with Robert Henri and William Merritt Chase, whose Dutch Girl Laughing (1909.2) and Dieudonnée (1922.2) respectively are part of the Dallas Museum of Art's permanent collection.

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