early 20th-mid 20th century
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General Description

Fashion designer, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, originally installed this chair, and eight others like it [1985.R.585, 1985.R.586, 1985.R.587, 1985.R.588, 1985.R.589], at Villa La Pausa, and they remained part of the villa's decor through the residency of Wendy and Emery Reves.

One of the hallmarks of La Pausa was simplicity, a characteristic that applied not only to decoration but also to etiquette. Lunches and dinners were not served at a table but as a buffet. The height of the seats of the Louis XIII-style chairs meant that it was not always possible to sit comfortably at the neo-Gothic table [1985.R.590.A-B], whose source was probably an English grammar school. Today, the chairs are upholstered in pale green fabric, but they were originally covered with dark leather.

Adapted from

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  • DMA Label Copy (1985.R.584-589), early 20th-mid 20th century