Lyric Theatre


Berenice Abbott ( American, 1898 - 1991 )

1936, print 1983
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General Description

The following is the caption by Elizabeth McCausland accompanying the original 1939 edition of Berenice Abbott's Changing New York publication.

Fifty years ago this was the Sans Souci Concert Hall where Richard Croker had a private box. Today the Lyric Theatre offers transients, seafaring men, sightseers, slummers, visual fare of two features, newsreel and a "short"—all for ten cents. The doors open as early as 7 a.m., though the show does not start till eight; and patrons who did not have thirty cents for a night's lodging in a Bowery 'hotel' can make up their sleep.

Excerpt from

Elizabeth McCausland, caption for “Lyric Theatre,” in New York in the Thirties [former titled: Changing New York], (New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1973; New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, Inc.,1939), plate 33 (np).

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