Stoic Figure


Maria Luisa Pacheco ( Bolivian, 1919 - 1982 )

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General Description

In Stoic Figure, a woman stands before a massive head, whose definitive forms seem to grow from the landscape. The stern expression and heavy brow add to the stoicism of the stone-like head. An earthy clay palette and subtle tonal shifts create abstract fields of colors, which connect the ancient effigy and its observer.

The paintings of Maria Luisa Pacheco evoke the landscape and indigenous culture of her native Bolivia. Her style, however, results from a formative trip to Europe in the early 1950s, followed by a residency in New York, where she lived and worked up until her death. While Pacheco found success in the United States, her influence as a mentor and active painter was much greater in Latin America, where she was a foundational member of el grupo de los Ocho Contemporáneos, or the Group of Eight Contemporaries, which sought to raise the standards of the budding trend toward modernism in Bolivia.

Excerpt from

Tower Gallery: Latin American Art, Label text, 2017.