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Robert Therrien ( American, 1947 )

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General Description

Robert Therrien is recognized primarily as a sculptor, although he has worked in painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. Among his best-known works are series of monumental tables and chairs-so large that an adult can walk under them-and giant-sized stacks of pots, plates, and bowls. While Therrien's process of taking ordinary objects and making them unfamiliar in this way has a humorous component, by removing functionality to reveal other metaphoric associations he begins to investigate the more social and emotional meaning embedded in domestic objects. This quizzical object–is it a painting or a sculpture or both?–may at first appear purely abstract, but it also clearly references the cornice work that details many domestic interiors. In addition, the object is complexly crafted of bronze and aluminum and finished with many hand-rubbed layers of different types of paint.